Why is there a charge for the service?

EASY APPLY is a document preparation firm that offers you a team of experienced tax professionals that will help you get your request right the first time.

While you can apply for passport for free directly with the government, many people find their system complicated, with instructions that are written for accountants, and not the average person. For these reasons, many applications are submitted with wrong or conflicting information, causing requests to be either delayed or declined.

When you apply with our firm, not only you get a simplified questionnaire with easy to understand instructions, but your request is physically reviewed by a professional before submission. If we find any wrong or conflicting information, we will contact you in order to sort it out before submitting it.

Our service eliminates the process of reading through endless, hard-to-find complicated instructions.

Think of it as filing your tax return. While you may download IRS forms and fill them out yourself, most Americans rather have the help of an accountant or prefer to use a software application in order to make sure all information is submitted correctly, thus avoiding costly mistakes.

What’s the difference between the passport application forms?

You can only apply for automatic renewal (form DS-82) if:

  • You still have the old passport in your possession and you are submitting it with the application (it will be returned to you afterward).
  • Your old passport is less than 15 years old.
  • When our previous passport was issued if were at least 16 years old
  • If your name has changed since the last passport due to marriage or court order, you can submit certified documentation to support the name change.

If you can’t say YES to all of the questions above, our system will automatically prepare the form DS-11.

With the form DS-11 you will need to appear in person with a certified agent. Our system will provide a list of all agents near your residence.

If your previous passport has been lost or stolen and you have not reported it, the system will also prepare a form DS-64, which you will have to bring along with form DS-11 to the agent.

Is my information secure?

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